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Best Immune Support Products Company – Western USA

Gematria Honored!

The results of the 5th annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, hosted by Global Health & Pharma (GHP), have been determined and Gematria Products Inc has been awarded:

Best Immune Support Products Company – Western USA

We’re pleased to have been given this honor.  After being nominated, we were added to GHP’s shortlist and became subject to their rigorous internal vetting procedure. Their extensive research and judging process is driven by merit and centered around an in-depth evaluation of skills and services provided.

Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service, and a commitment to promoting excellence. This approach enforces GHP’s stance that victors are not determined bya  popularity vote, but by their contributions to their industry.

We are honored to have been nominated, and are excited to have won! Thank you to everyone involved, including our team and customers. We would not have won without all of you.

Learn More About Covid-19

Since the start of the Pandemic, Dr. Todd has been featured on a number of podcasts and talk shows about Covid-19 speaking on what you can do to maintain your health during the Covid crisis.

He’s put together some helpful information that you can access for free, along with podcast replays.

Click Here to read more about navigating the Corona virus.


Boost Your Immune System

Immune Support Botanicals II

AIR Multi-Immune Capsules

ASAP Silver Solution

AIR Multi-Immune Spray

Oxy-Immune Trace Elements

Read What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Already Notice the Benefits

I have ordered the Phyto5000 and the daily vitamin spray. I already notice the benefit from the Phyto5000; mental clarity, less body aches and a gentle comforting of my body.

N. Taylor

Gematria Has Exceeded My Expectations

I used to weigh over 200lbs. My memory and energy were slipping into low gear. I started taking L’Ornithine. I noticed immediately that my energy went up and I began losing weight. I weigh 150lbs now and am 5’5 1/2″ high. I got GemAminos, and… Read more “Gematria Has Exceeded My Expectations”


10Lbs of Lean Muscle

I have personally been using Complete Aminos, Muscle Gems, SPM Mix and MSM. I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in my strength, my joints feel better during ballistic movements, I have more energy during workouts, and I’ve gained 10lbs of lean muscle.

Justin Orr

New On Our Site

Ark Crystal Entangled Pair

Ark Crystal Without Pendant

Ark Crystal Rosette

Ark Crystal With Pendant

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