While studying for the State Real Estate Exam, I found it difficult to retain what I had read. Deep focusing to understand the material made me sleepy. Two weeks prior to my exam, I stepped up my studying, taking every opportunity to study. The exam required knowledge of vast amounts of information that I was previously unaware of. I also began taking GemAminos+.

Immediately, I noticed profound alertness. It felt like my brain had opened up to absorb and retain more information. Not only did I remember the material, but I also started understanding what I was reading, and began making connections with the concepts and core ideas of the material. Also, I didn’t fall asleep anymore. I actually became interested in what I was reading.

I passed my exam and I attribute a large part of my success to GemAminos+. I am still taking this product and I notice my memory is improving. This is a great product for everyone who wants to have optimal brain function and retain new things easily. I am telling my friend about GemAminos+.

Thank you, Dr. Todd, for creating such an important supplement!