Anti-Aging Products

These products help support your anti-aging efforts. Turn back the hands of time and keep a youthful body, inside and out.

Mag Spectrum

MagSpectrum MagSpectrum® provides not one but 5 different kinds of fully reacted amino acid chelates to provide a wide range of...

Complete Aminos

Complete Aminos Our Complete Aminos supplement provides your body with highly-absorbable, quality amino acids that build protein! Our...

AIR Multi-Immune Caps

AIR Multi-Immune Caps Accelerated Immune Rebalancing (AIR) Caps is an immune support formula designed to work stand-alone or with our...

Immune Support Botanicals II

Immune Support Botanicals II Immune Support Botanical II is an herbal formula with Selenium designed to support a healthy immune system....

AIR Multi-Immune Spray

AIR Multi-Immune Spray Accelerated Immune Rebalancing (AIR) Spray is a liquid immune support formula designed to work stand-alone or with...


Methusalife RNA/DNA Bases with Co-Factors Tired of feeling your age? Methusalife is a natural, caffeine-free boost for physical and mental...

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Already Notice the Benefits

I have ordered the Phyto5000 and the daily vitamin spray. I already notice the benefit from the Phyto5000; mental clarity, less body aches and a gentle comforting of my body.

N. Taylor

Profound Alertness

While studying for the State Real Estate Exam, I found it difficult to retain what I had read. Deep focusing to understand the material made me sleepy. Two weeks prior to my exam, I stepped up my studying, taking every opportunity to study. The exam… Read more “Profound Alertness”

Brenda Clark

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