ARK Crystal Lover’s Pendants


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These unique Lovers’ Pair ARK® crystals have been specially assembled with consecutive serial numbers for both the crystal and the saddle.

This allows the lucky couple to experience a special connection intertwining their energies along with their connection to all that is in the universe.

The Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK) crystal is the ultimate expression of science, technology, and beauty. It represents 30 years of research and development in the field of Unified Science. This unique and potent wearable technology is in a direct frequency resonance state with the background energy of space-time itself. This unique technology is the perfect enhancement to health and well-being and works beautifully with Gematria’s advanced QiLaser formulations. With each ARK Crystal Purchased you will receive a GEM-Power Spray ($77 value).

2 activated ARK crystals in saddles
2 Pendants (Armed type)
Certificates of Authenticity with sequential serial numbers
1 Beautiful Wooden display case housing both pendants

The ARK Lover’s Pair comes with certificates of authenticity (COA) that includes your unique serial number that is laser engraved directly on the ARK crystal. The saddle also includes a serial number that is used for both identification purposes and for correctly orienting the crystal along the z-axis. Your serial number is notated in a systems database and can be looked up at any time by ARK Crystal L.L.C. if there is an issue with loss or theft.

While the ARK Crystals are new on our website, we’re giving you one GEM-Power spray included with each ARK Crystal purchase. Lover’s Pair = 2 GEM-Power sprays.

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