Laser enhanced nutritional supplements from Gematria

- Justin Orr, Personal Trainer;
Products: Complete Aminos, MuscleGems, Super Power Mix, MSM

"I have personally been using Complete Aminos, Muscle Gems, SPM Mix and MSM. I've notice tremendous increase in my strength, my joints feel better during ballistic movements, I have more energy during workouts and I've gained 10lb of lean muscle."

- Jean, 67, Nursing Profession;
Products: L-Ornithine, GemAminos Basic, Super Power Mix, Liver Cleanse

Jean has been using L'Ornithine, GemAminos, Super Power Mix and other Gematria products "since Kryon's 1st visit to Baton Rouge... sometime in the early 1990's". She states, "I used to weigh over 200lbs. My memory and energy were slipping into low gear. I started taking L'Ornithine. I noticed immediately that my energy went up and I began losing weight. I weigh 150lbs now and am 5'5 1/2" high. I got GemAminos, and my memory improved. The Super Power Mix helps regulate my blood sugar (I am diabetic) and keeps my hunger down. I've used Liver Cleanse... recently my doctor told me that my liver is in excellent condition! Any product I've used from Gematria has exceeded my expectations! I recommend it to my friends, co-workers family and even strangers. These products are SO superior to other supplements! You should try them!"

- N Taylor, Texas;
Products: Phyto5000, Multivitamin Spray

"I have ordered the Phyto5000 and the daily vitamin spray. I already notice the benefit from the Phyto5000; mental clarity, less body aches and a gentle comforting of my body."

- Brenda Clark, Realty Executives, CA;
Products: GemAminos Plus

"While studying for the State Real Estate Exam, I found it difficult to retain what I had read. Deep focusing to understand the material made me sleepy. Two weeks prior to my exam, I stepped up my studying, taking every opportunity to study. The exam required knowledge of vast amounts of information that I was previously unaware of. I also began taking GemAminos+. Immediately, I noticed a profound altertness. It felt like my brain had opened up to absorb and retain more information. Not only did I remember the material, but I also started understanding what I was reading, and began making connections with the concepts and core ideas of the material. Also, I didnít fall asleep anymore. I actually became interested in what I was reading. I passed my exam and I attribute a large part of my success to GemAminos+. I am still taking this product and I notice my memory is improving. This is a great product for everyone who wants to have optimal brain function and retain new things easily. I am telling my friend about GemAminos+.
Thank you, Dr. Todd, for creating such an important supplement!"