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AIR Multi-Immune Caps
AIR Multi-Immune Caps
AIR Multi-Immune Caps

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AIR Multi-Immune Caps
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AIR Multi-Immune Caps
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Accelerated Immune Rebalancing (AIR) Multi-Immune Caps is an immune support formula with key amino acids and cofactors that support a healthy immune system. If you have heard Dr. Todd speak in person - you have no doubt heard about this formula. This formula has been used effectively in combination with our other immune formulas - particularly Air Multi-Immune Spray and Immune Support Botanicals II.

AIR Capsules strongly build the function of the immune system. Its action is complementary to and works in concert with the AIR Spray formula to provide rapid system building results.

The AIR Caps formula provides bulk immune boosting nutrients that are well absorbed through the GI tract. A major effector of its action is N-acetly-L-cysteine (NAC), an exceptionally potent sulfur amino acid. It assists in the generation of glutathione and amplifies its benefits.

NAC is a powerful detoxifier and liver builder. Studies confirm that it protects the brain, heart, pancreas and other tissues from cell degeneration. NAC especially bolsters the structure and function of the immune system with respect to viruses. It guards DNA and nuclear enzymes, inhibits mutations, and is a potent anti-oxidant. Its use has reversed memory deficits in older mice.

L-Carnitine (LC) and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) transport fat into the mitochondria to burn fat and thus generate energy. There are widespread benefits to its use for cardiac performance, brain efficiency, and immune function. The use of ALC has reversed the accumulation of aging pigment in the brain, and improved cognitive function in studies of Alzheimer’s and Downs Syndrome. LC has restored immune responsiveness in persons with HIV infection and ALC has been shown to strengthen nerves against the toxic effects of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs for HIV.

All-natural vitamin C and highly bioavailable organified zinc also strongly support immune function, collagen production, and small blood vessel integrity. Additional organified selenium further supports glutathione production and activity. Studies suggest that as glutathione levels increase, HIV and hepatitis viral levels decrease.

Additional healthy immune strengthening vitamins and minerals are provided in optimal forms for absorption and use. This formula is also treated with Qi (Quantum information) laser technology for enhanced biological action.

The recommended use is 2 capsules orally per day. Taking 2 capsules twice per day provides NAC at levels that especially strengthen viral immune defenses during seasons or times of potential risk.


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